So that your animals feel comfortable, the right terrarium is the be-all and end-all. Our terrariums can be easily mounted with only four screws and are ideal for beginners and professionals.
Since each animal has individual requirements for its environment, the terrariums are suitable for both dry and wetlands.
Due to the completely floodable lower part and the generous gauze ventilation areas, even elaborate environments such as paludariums or very densely planted rainforest biotopes can be easily created.
Thus our HOBBY Terra Fix & Easy terrariums offer the right basis for the permanent and optimal keeping of all terrarium animals due to their versatile design.
Under the brand HOBBY Terraristik we now offer one of the most modern and versatile terrarium designs in the industry.


Terra Fix & Easy 90
Self-assembly Glass Terrarium
Terra Fix & Easy 60
Self-assembly Glass Terrarium
Terra Fix & Easy 45
Self-assembly Glass Terrarium