Lighting plays an equally important role in terraria. It should account for not only the rhythm of day and night but also the summer/winter cycle. Animals from equatorial regions receive twelve hours of light per day all year round. Animals from our latitudes require 16 to 17 hours of light in summer and about eight or nine hours in winter. Ideally the terrarium temperature should also be regulated by the light - exactly as the animals are used to in nature. The UV-B spectrum of the light is of particular significance. Reptiles, especially growing tortoises and lizards, need it to form vitamin D3 in their skins. Without this vitamin or radiation, so-called rachitic diseases can occur. Under the HOBBY brand, we offer one of the broadest ranges of lighting in the industry.

Fluro LED
1 W
UV Compact Jungle
4 % UV-B, 23 W
UV Compact Desert
8 % UV-B, 23 W
Clamp Lamp
Ø 14 cm
15 W, 45 cm
38 W, 105 cm