Fluro LED

1 W (Item No.: 37600)

Product description

The Fluro LED allows you to see your terrarium in a whole new light at night.
This fluorescent nightlight, with its special spectrum, is a gem among terrarium lamps.
It produces a soft, shimmering, blueish ultraviolet light which lights up many scorpions (i.e. pandinus imperator), as well as some insects and spiders.
The UV-emitting light also radiates some spider webs and stimulates breeding behaviour in some breeds of spider.
The latest research has also shown that some types of chameleon such as the panther chameleon begin to glow blue under UV light. Some types are only illuminated around the head area, while the entire body is lit up for others. The concealed signal colour facilitates communication between members of the same species.
The energy-efficient and power-saving Fluro LED only consumes 1 W and therefore saves nearly 80 % in energy costs compared to conventional spotlights. In doing so, the Fluro LED emits hardly any heat and therefore does not have an effect on invertebrates’ reduction in temperature at night, which is crucial for many species.
Discover a new, brilliant, fascinating terrarium!
• 1 W LED with UV-emitting light 
• lights up many scorpions (i.e. pandinus imperator) as well as some insects, spiders
   and chameleons
• radiates different spider webs and stimulates mating behaviour in
  some breeds of spider
• produces a soft, shimmering, blueish ultraviolet light
• low heat emission thanks to particularly energy-saving LED technology
• also suitable for smaller terraria due to its compact dimensions
• suitable for all standard E27 sockets  
• no electrical ballast required
• tested quality and long service life of over 30,000 operating hours
Hint: We recommend using a lampshade for operation in tropical terraria
(i.e. the HOBBY Clamp Lamp) so that no drops of water can get inside the spotlight.
Wavelength: 397 nm
Colour rendition: 47.7 Ra 
Luminous Flux: 1.592 lm
kWh/1,000 hours: 1
Corresponds to the energy efficiency class: A+
Not suitable as room lighting. Not subject to labelling.
Special spotlight for terraria pursuant to EU Directive 1194/2012.



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Clamp Lamp
Ø 14 cm

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