UV-B Quick Test

UV-B Quick Test (Item No.: 37348)

Product description


The UV-B Quick Test is a quick and easy tool to determine whether the UV product still emits enough rays.
The card reads the intensity of UV-B rays, UV-B fluorescent lamps or UV-B compact lamps using a new, non-toxic and eco-friendly high tech detection material agent on the card.
The colour change on the card indicates whether UV-B rays are still being emitted.
The colour of the surace on the card changes from white to purple depending on the intensity of the UV-B rays. The card can be reused up to 500 times.
But this card is also a great tool outdoors to test whether the UV-B level is too high.
If the colour of the card changes to a purple, it’s best to stay in the shade.

This reusable card can detect UV-B rays within
10 seconds. Hold the card under the UV lamp, directly in the spotlight (approx.
5 cm from lamp) to test if the lamp still emits UV-B rays.
If the card shows a “purple surface" under the UV lamp, the lamp is still emitting UV-B rays.

Replace UV lamps at least annually or sooner. This card only serves 
as a guide. If the card does not change colours, replace the 
UV-B lamp immediately!


Product benefits at a glance:

• easy tool to determine if sufficient UV-B rays are emitted
• measures the intensity of UV-B rays, UV-B fluorescent lamps or 
  UV-B compact lamps
• innovative, non-toxic and eco-friendly high tech detection agent
• reusable up to 500 times
• contains 2 cards 




Instructions for use / UV-B Quick Test
     (PDF, 1,0 MB)

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