UV Reptile vital

160 W (Item No.: 37318)

Product description


The 160 watt UV surface radiators for basking reptiles achieve their optimum UV-B output of 250 µW/cm² at a distance of +/- 55 cm to the animal. They provide a high output of light and UV-A/B in a single lamp and are particularly suitable for high terraria. 

Colour temperature: 4,848 K
Luminous flux: 2843.6 lm
Colour rendition: 48.2 Ra
kWh/1.000 h: 160

Special lamp for terraria / aquaria. Not suitable for domestic room lighting.


Why will my dealer not exchange faulty lights after a few months?

You cannot blame the dealer. Under German and European jurisdiction, lights count as consumable, not durable, goods and thus are not subject to any warranty. We offer dealers handy light testing devices so they can guarantee to end users that the lights are working at the time of purchase. Exchanging lights is a matter of sheer goodwill on the part of the dealer, and the period of time after purchase during which an exchange can still be made is a matter of personal discretion for him. We are prepared to replace lights that are returned as defective for dealers, where these are returned with a proof of purchase within two weeks. It is not possible for our company to deliver replacements directly to end customers. The end customer's contractual partner is always the dealer from whom the purchase was made.

How long should terrarium lights work for and what does 'average operating life' mean?

Lights with a coiled filament (HOBBY Sunlight, HOBBY Neodymium Basking Spot Daylight, HOBBY Thermo Basking Spot, HOBBY Infraredlight and HOBBY Moonlight) are technically regarded as bulb lights regardless of the gas they are filled with, or the colour and shape of the glass. As all major manufacturers such as Osram, Phillips, Sylvania, etc. will confirm, the operating life from a technical manufacturing perspective is 2,500 hours on average. At 10-14 hours' use in the terrarium, this equates to a time span of 2-3 months. Many consumers subjectively consider this to be too short. Indeed the lights they have in the kitchen, in the hall, on the desk and in the bathroom can last for years. While this may be true, it must be noted that these are only switched on for a few minutes a day and the 2,500 hour operating life is reached correspondingly later. Halogen lamps (HOBBY Diamond Halogen Spotlight and HOBBY Diamond Halogen Floodlight) have an average operating life of 3,000 hours. As they emit more light and heat for the same power consumption, they are often more economical alternatives to coil filament lights. Metal halide lamps and blended lamps (a special type of metal halide lamp) are more expensive to buy, but also last longer. Their average operating life is around 6,000 hours. Dohse Aquaristik gives these lamps (HOBBY UV Reptile vital and HOBBY UV Star) an operating warranty of 6 months. This is calculated from the date of purchase. In the rare event of a complaint, the dealer from whom the lamp was purchased is the contractual partner and point of contact. Compact lamps, also known as energy-saving lamps (HOBBY UV Compact) have an average operating life of 8,000 hours. Average operating life is a calculated amount. 'Average' means 50% reach the stated time (e.g. 1000 hours for filament lights), 25% last longer and 25% do not last that long. The average operating lifetime is achieved at a standard current strength of 230 volts. In some countries such as Great Britain and southern Europe, but unfortunately also in isolated regions within Germany, peak values in excess of 230 volts are reached by the local power supplier, substantially reducing the operating life.



Instructions for use / UV_Reptile_vital
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Guide / UV Lighting in Terraria
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