Terra Fix & Easy
Extensions Set

(Item No.: 36120)

Product description


The Terra Fix & Easy Extension Set is a special extension for all
HOBBY Fix & Easy terraria.
The combination of threaded rods and support rods makes it possible to place up to
3 terraria on top of each other. Assembly is very easy. Unscrew the screws from the existing terrarium, screw in the threaded rods and place the support rods over them... Done!
Thanks to the large distance of 17.2 cm between two terraria, lamps, heating mats or other accessories can be easily accommodated.


Product benefits at a glance:

• special extension for all HOBBY Terra Fix & Easy terraria
• enables up to 3 terraria to be stacked on top of each other

Length of the extension: 17 cm
Space between the terraria: 17.2 cm

4 x threaded rods
4 x support rods


For this, we recommend

Digital humidity controller

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