Jungle Cave 4

25,5 x 14 x 11,5 cm (Item No.: 34606)

Product description

Our Jungle Caves are 100 % natural moss and perfect for tropical terraria.
Especially those terrarium inhabitants requiring a high humidity appreciate the Jungle Caves.
Caves are ideal for small to medium size terrarium animals to hide, sleep and breed.
Their natural look allow the caves to blend perfectly into any terrarium.
Jungle Caves are made without chemical additives using only renewable resources. The mosses used are not taken from nature, but growing in greenhouses. 
Product benefits at a glance:
• raises the relative humidity in the terrarium and keeps it stable
• especially suitable for animals with a high humidity requirement such as frogs,
  salamander, lizards and snakes
• produced without chemical additives and from renewable resources
• the natural look blends into any terrarium perfectly

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