Band Liane

90 - 100 cm (Item No.: 34165)

Product description

Beautiful, natural vines to decorate your terrarium.
The liana vines are sometimes more, sometimes less twisted in themselves and vary in their thickness and in their appearance. Therefore, every vine is unique.
The vines are hand picked and harvested in the South American rainforest.
During this process, great attention is paid to ensure no living plants are removed from the forests.
The vines are extremely robust and also excellent for very humid tropical terraria.
The vines are approx. 90 – 100 cm long and 3 - 5 cm in diameter.
Product benefits at a glance:
• natural vines to decorate your terrarium
• hand picked, unique vines
• carefully harvested 
• extremely robust and excellent for very humid tropical terraria
• vine length: approx. 90 – 100 cm, diameter:  3 - 5 cm

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