Humidity Control II

Digital humidity controller for terraria (Item No.: 10884)

Product description


The Humidity Control II is a reliable digital humidity controller for terraria.
The innovative measuring and control device allows humidification and dehumidification to be controlled separately.
It can be controlled in increments of 1%.
It is configurable for visual and audible alarm. The display shows all set and actual values, is illuminated and has an LED activity indicator. The sensor is equipped with a quick-connect fastener and thus enables an easy installation of the sensor.
A regulator unit with two plug sockets for the operation of a humidifier (e.g. HOBBY Tropic Rain or HOBBY Hygro System) and dehumidifier (e.g. exhaust fan) is also included and has two high-performance relays which allow precise switching.
Stable humidity control can be guaranteed by a built-in smart chip.
The Humidity Control II is suitable for a wide range of applications where constant humidity regulation is required. It can be used in terraria and paludaria as well as in in greenhouses or aviaries.


Product benefits at a glance:
• measures and controls the humidity in the terrarium
• directly ready-to-use: unpack, connect and program
• digital control for constant humidity control
• ideally suited for all terrarium sizes
• humidity sensor with a quick-connect fastener for easy installation
• easy to operate and individually adjustable
• smart chip technology guarantees stable humidity control
• regulator unit with two plug sockets



Technical Data:
Operating voltage: 100 – 230 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
Connected load per connector: max. 600 W (ohmic load)
Total connected load of the socket connector: max. 1,500 W (ohmic load)
Humidity display range: 20 – 95 %
Humidity control range: 35 – 80 %
Humidity alarm range: 0 – 20 %
Display accuracy: 1%
Control accuracy: 1%
Length of connection cable: 1.4 m
Length of sensor cable: 1.8 m
Length of cable control unit - regulator unit: 1.5 m

All details are approximate. Subject to technical changes.



Instructions for use / Humidity Control II
     (PDF, 13,9 MB)

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