The aquatic terrarium


Depending on the design of the land section and the water section, the aquatic terrarium is also known as a swamp or riverbank terrarium. The transitions are free running and orientated to the needs of the species being kept. Sprinkler systems can be fed from the water section and so operated in a circuit.

In cooler terraria it is automatically damper than in warmer ones, as the air can retain more dampness as the temperature rises. In unheated aquatic terraria, the temperatures are predominantly between 15 and 24 °C; in heated tanks they are between 24 and 30 °C. Branches and roots are used not just for decoration, but as aids for climbing out of the water section.

A dry place under a heat lamp must also be provided so that animals can dry out and warm up when they want. Amphibians and lizards are kept in aquatic terraria. In some cases fish can also be installed in the water section.





Double-sided photo background Rain Forest / Red Canyon.

Pagoda Rock 1
24 x 13 x 17 cm



For the shaping of aquariums and terrariums. 

They are easy to clean and do not affect the water quality. Iced Rocks are very durable and look beautiful in every aquarium and terrarium. Our Iced Rocks are near-nature rocks which ensure a natural look inside the aquarium. As they are manufactured from a safe inert poly resin material they affect neither the chemistry nor the clearness of the water. Their low weight obviates possible damage to the aquarium.

• suitable for aquaria and terraria
• natural appearance
• do not affect chemistry or clearness of the water
• low weight and easy to clean

Aqua-Cave S
11 x 8 x 11 cm



Ideal breeding and hiding cave for bass and catfish.

Ideal for retreating, sleeping, and breeding. For small terrarium animals.


Cork Island S
28 x 12 cm



Floating island made from real cork for turtles and amphibians. Automatically adjusts to the water level. Includes attachment kit for aquarium glass.

Cork Branches L
75 - 100 cm



Long, naturally grown branches. Thickness and branching depends on their natural growth. Each piece labelled with barcode. Natural, robust decoration for larger reptiles or snakes.

UV Compact Jungle
4 % UV-B, 23 W



UV-B energy-saving lamp. Promotes vitamin D3 synthesis. Prevents metabolic illnesses, particularly rachitis. No ballast resistor necessary. For standard E27 lamp holders. 

Thermostat for terraria. Maintains the correct temperature and protects from dangerous temperature fluctuations! Breaking capacity: up to 2,000 W. Control accuracy +/-0,2° C.

Compact Lamp Holder
7 x 7 x 26 cm



Complete ready-to-assemble set for compact lamp or elongated light bulbs with a standard E27 thread. Suitable for either vertical or horizontal assembly. Includes honeycomb structured aluminium reflector for increasing the light yield. Includes 2 metres of cable with interrupter switch.


High-performance rain system for terraria. Rapid increase in humidity thanks to ultra-fine irrigation. Incl. self-priming pump (6,2 bar / 90 psi for 120 l/h) with safety valve. Targeting the nozzle (brass with stainless steel core) in all directions possible. Ready-touse complete set with 2 high-quality brass spray nozzles, can be optionally extended to multiple nozzles . Incl. 12 V
low-voltage safety transformer.

• ideal for all terraria
• also ideal for watering plants
• ready-to-use complete set
• incl. 2 high-quality brass spray nozzles
• can be optionally extended to several nozzles
• incl. self-priming pump with safety valve
• rapid increase in humidity thanks to ultra-fine irrigation



Wide-spectrum Daylight Lamp

• for sunbathing and heat regulation
• with UV A radiation
• encourages natural behaviour
• colour-boosting
• promotes plant growth
• wide light emission cone
• milky spotlight surface for gentle light scattering
• mirrored reflector inside
• tested quality
• long life